Your support can enable thousands of children and youth to continue learning. You can equip parents in remote and rural areas with tools to support their child’s learning, and support governments and civil society with meaningful data to drive decisions. A young girl can complete her primary & secondary education, and the little ones can take off towards a bright education, sports and a skillful future.

Even as the world is in the grips of a pandemic, SG EWFI NOW try to continues move forward with your support. Adapting to the times, we are pivoting our methods to ensure we reach children and youth in these difficult times by overcoming barriers through communication and technology. Over the past few months, we have reached children as much as possible directly and built partnerships at scale for transformation. Your support makes this happen. Click the button to make a general donation or view #Missions at SANKALP – A PLEDGE TO CHANGE

#Indiakeliye! Children and Youth from under-resourced backgrounds need your help NOW, more than ever! (COVID-19 response)