Welcome to

Empowering and Welfare Federation of India

Ayush Yadav
(General Secretary/Director, EWFI)

We believe in providing all the resources to the needy people to support & empower them to create their own destiny.

We founded this organisation to give an opportunity to all, to help the underprivileged children, people and youth, we also aim to reduce the poverty in India. Our organisation has handled many initiatives separately related to awareness campaigns, seminars on menstrual health, women’s empowerment, education, and women’s health, malnutrition in children, sports, and skill development which aimed at helping the underprivileged section of the nation. I have always held the belief that through innovation and grassroot efforts our young people can transform this country. 

Whether rich or poor, the next generation has the power to change this world. The broad spectrum of our activities and their success rate speak about dedicated work done by Empowering and Welfare Federation of India.

I am happy to say, we have been blessed with generous donors and a dedicated team, due to which our expectations have surpassed. We are not just facilitator, but contemplatives in the heart of the world. Empowering and Welfare Federation of India is on a mission. A mission that will change India for the better. We are very grateful for the support that we get from many people that makes our work possible.

We always welcome the support offered in any way or form. Please feel free to visit us and join our Mission #EmpoweringIndia.