Empowering and Welfare Federation of India

Dear Friends,

Like everyone else across the globe, at EWFI, we are learning a lot of new things in a hurry. We remain hopeful that we will all come out of this trying period stronger and better.

At EWFI, our first priority was to ensure that our students, teams, and families are staying safe and taking adequate precautions. As you can imagine doing this for the large EWFI network spread-out all-over India was quite daunting. Now we are figuring out how to remain engaged with our communities and students. Information (handouts, posters, videos) on how to take preventive action with regard to safety and hygiene has been shared with all teams in Hindi and in English. All teams have also set up reliable communication channels to share information quickly. Setting up mechanisms that enable us to be in constant touch from remote is also good in the long haul.