Meet Our

Everyday a dedicated team of staff and volunteers wake up with the singular purpose of supporting our global network of local development.

SGEWFI includes our staff, Board of Directors, Member of Advisory Committee and the Management Team.

Board of Directors

“If we transform our nation into a trained, focused, balanced and inspired nation, India will be a miracle”

– Board of Directors
(Empowering and Welfare Federation of India)

Member of the Advisory Committee

  • Ajay Singh Chandel, District Sports Secretary, Raebareli
  • Dr. Vivek Singh, DIET Lecturer Kanpur Nagar – Uttar Pradesh
  • Tameezuddin Siddiqui, K.V. RBL, Vice Principal ( Retd.)
  • Pradeep Verma, Physio Consultant
  • Mohd. Akram, Fitness

Management Team

  • M.L. Sahoo, Secretary / CEO ( SKLF )
  • Shabaz Alam, Head-Skill Development
  • Agnivesh Tiwari, Marketing Director EWFI
  • Saurabh Tiwari, Deputy Director
  • Amar Singh, Deputy Director
  • Ravi Shankar Mishra, Head Finance and Budget
  • Vishal Sonkar, Operations Head
  • Lokesh Mishra, HR
  • Khushboo Shukla, Head Events Management