As we are here for the betterment of future and to ensure education for all.We provide financial and various other services to the group of students who can not afford the heavy fee structure of schools.We provide 50% which is segregated in various forms.

  • Monthly income proof
  • 2 years prior results of the student
  • Interest

In the other 20% segment we have OA which means Other Activities in which the particular student have to participate and generate the results.



“Do you know my favorite part of the game ? The Opportunity to play.”

There are circumstances that every player can’t continue his game and most of the time the monetary value is the reason. From today onwards there’s no need to worry about it we are here with some gifts for the players which will encourage and motivate them to play more.

But to earn this opportunity here are some criteria which are mentioned below-:

  • State / National medalist
  • Monthly income / expenses
  • Achievements
  • Current status
  • Other Activities

We follow the words like ‘more pain more gain’ so if you want to achieve more so you have to prove more by your willingness, strength and ability.



Investing in health will produce enormous benefit.

As we all know that health is wealth but in that wealth is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are various reasons that one cannot focus on his health and easily fall upon the fitness level.

There are various people who did not get the proper care and not much aware of healthy body so we help them through our different programs, which are as follows-:

  • Doorstep medical test and medicine delivery.
  • Availability of proper physician on particular spots.
  • Fitness and Yoga Training.
  • Two health checkups per year.



I am always doing which I can’t do, in that order I may learn how to do that .

Many people do not have any skills, those who have, they do not have any proper guidance or Training to develop that particular skill or any medium to show it or earn through it. We always look for miracle now it’s time for the miracle for those who want to achieve something big with there skills so we initiate different program to enhance and develop their skills more attractive, specialized, and monetized. The programmes are as follows-:

  • Under Training ???
  • CCC / ‘O’ LEVEL certification
  • Skill wise events and Training programmes
  • Workshops
  • Seminar
  • Innovation financing



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